Vacancy Procedures for Clergy

The following is provided for clergy interested in serving in the Diocese of Central Florida.

We welcome your interest and inquiries about vacancies in the Diocese. All inquiries about vacancies should be directed to the Reverend Canon Timothy C. Nunez, Canon to the Ordinary, by e-mail at or by phone at (407) 423-3567.

When a vacancy occurs in a parish or mission in the Diocese of Central Florida, a file is created to receive names of potential candidates for the position. Our preference is for interested clergy to send all material directly to Canon Nunez (email works well for this). Material sent directly to congregations for any position, are forwarded automatically to Canon Nunez. The Bishop’s office will review all nominations prior to submission to search committees.

Clergy must have an updated OTM Portfolio (there is no need to send it, since we can retrieve it electronically from the National Deployment Office). Other material may be sent (such as a current resume) either as an email attachment or by mail. These are not, however, used in the initial phase of a search. Clergy are discouraged from sending sermons, published articles, videos and cassette tapes, etc. to the Diocesan Office.

Clergy who are interviewed for positions in the diocese will be asked to supply proof that they have completed:

  • Child Sexual Abuse Prevention (Safeguarding God’s Children)
  • Sexual Exploitation and Harassment Prevention (Safeguarding God’s People)
  • A recent Background Check, including a search of criminal, driving, and credit records (or sign a Background Check Release Form for such check)

All Clergy expressing an interest in being considered for a position in the Diocese will be sent a Deployment Packet of materials (click here) which includes:

  • 3 Deployment Questions
  • Our Diocesan Canon XVI “Ordained Ministers”

It is important that clergy review these materials before being considered for a position in the Diocese. No candidate will be considered without a response to the Diocesan Deployment Questions and an indication that they understand, and will endeavor to comply with, the Diocesan Canon on Ordained Ministry.