Supply Clergy

The priests listed below are licensed and available to serve as supply in the Diocese of Central Florida.  Generally speaking, the rector, vicar or priest-in-charge should arrange supply when they plan to be absent from scheduled celebrations of Holy Communion. If there is no rector, vicar or priest-in-charge, the wardens and vestry should arrange this. Compensation should be arranged as described here, as well as reimbursement for mileage at the Standard IRS Mileage Allowance here.


Name Last Name Miles willing to travel Availability Phone # Email Deanery
Rev. Robert Anderson 80 Open (386)822-9900 Northeast
Rev. Jahbriel Ballentine Unlimited Open (321)236-2878   Central
Rev. John E, Birtch 30 Open (863)816-1203 Southwest
Rev. William Boyer Unlimited November ’17-April ’18 (727)581-1047 Northwest
Rev. Robert Brandt 70 November ’16-May ’17 (772)359-2082 Southeast
Rev. Ron Chrisner 80 miles round trip Open (352)622-7612   Northwest
Rev. Douglas Coil 100 Please Call (770)235-2038 Southeast
Rev. Kathleen Dancer 35 Open (352)502-4686 Northwest
Rev. Dalton Downs 120 Please Call (863)496-1515   Central
Rev. Thomas Downs 50 Available starting August (407)221-1671 Central
Rev. Lee Ecola Unlimited Open (407)384-8605   Central
Rev. Karen Egerton 50 Oct. 2016 – May 2017 (407)637-2443 Central
Rev. Tom Gibson 30 April 2017-April 2018 (321)292-0045 Southeast
Rev. Janice Gordon-Barnes 30 Open (352)633-8735 Northwest
Rev. William Guthrie 25 All year except July & August (863)353-7961 Southwest
Rev. Ladd Harris 60+ Open except July and August (352)476-2812 Northeast
Rev. David Hoag 50 June-October (386)426-5330 Northeast
Rev. George Holston 50 Open (386)679-6658   Northeast
Rev. Denise Hudspeth 30 Open (561)236-5599 Southeast
Rev. Dr. Al Jenkins Unlimited SW Deaneary (863)644-2425 Southwest
Rev. Ted Keolln Unlimited Open (352)446-1205   Northwest
Rev. Judith Lund 40 November-April (479)270-3748 Southeast
Rev. Greer McBryde 50 Open (352)568-2697 Northwest
Rev. Robert Merritt 25 Open (863)687-0340 Southwest
Rev. Roger Miller 70 Please Call (407)617-2252 Central
Rev. Lloyd Olsen Unlimited Open      
Rev. Ronald Peak 40 Not available 5/14 or 06/18-25/17 (352)602-4592 Northwest
Rev. Roger Phillips Unlimited October 2017-March 2018 (407)896-3006 Central
Rev. Nelson Pinder 25 round trip Open (407)295-5937 Central
Rev. Wallace Reynolds 50 Please Call (863)398-5996 Southwest
Rev. Timothy Shaw 50 Open (863)298-8289 Southwest
Rev. Joseph Sitts 50 Open (407)774-3140 Central
Rev. William Smith 200 miles round trip Jan-June 29; Aug, Oct, Dec (772)337-4867 Southeast
Rev. Diane Souder Unlimited Open (407)650-0791   Central
Rev. Willard Squire 40 Please Call (352)430-1420 Northwest
Rev. R. Carroll Travis 50 Open (321)639-5099   Southeast
Rev. Ken Vinal 20 Please Call (407)617-2044   Central

Updated 04/10/17