Stewardship: Talent Survey

WHAT are my gifts?

What things do I most enjoy doing?

___Listening to others ___Making music ___Relating to other cultures ___Learning
___Teaching others ___Planning and directing work ___Creating objects and things of beauty ___Sharing news of Jesus with others
___Providing compassionate care ___Making others welcome ___Praying for others ___Leading or facilitating teams or groups
___Giving financial aid gladly and generously ___Working behind the scenes ___Building, making or maintaining things ___Discovering God’s will
___Encouraging and supporting others ___Putting ideas into motion ___Providing spiritual guidance ___Furthering missionary work
___Others (please describe)____________________________________________________

What leadership skills can I offer?

___Common vision ___Communication skills/articulate ___Listening skills ___Trainable
___Open-minded/flexible ___Team worker ___Conflict resolution ___Resourceful
___Epis. connection knowledge ___Motivator ___Synthesizer ___Shared decision maker
___Compassionate ___Critical thinker ___Integrates Christian faith in daily life ___Balanced spiritual life
Willing to be evaluated
Consensus builder

WHAT specialized skills and resources can I offer?

___Spiritual direction ___Mentoring skills ___Organizational skills ___Training for leaders skills
___Record keeping abilities ___Ethnic-cultural awareness ___Honors confidentiality
___Discernment skills ___Empowering ___Ability to organize training events ___Counseling skills
___Personnel/policy experience ___Multi-cultural sensitivity ___Knowledge specific to mission ___Recruitment skills
___Mission oriented ___Teaching skills ___Socioeconomic knowledge ___Evangelism experience
___New church development background ___Volunteer management skills ___People oriented ___Able to relate to diverse life situations
___Outreach experience ___Children’s ministry experience ___Youth ministry experience ___Family ministry experience
___Adult ministry experience ___Spiritual formation experience ___Ecumenical experience ___Human resource knowledge/skills
___Systems knowledge ___Risk management knowledge/skills ___Hardware/software knowledge ___Internet skills
___General office equipment knowledge ___Passionate drive/visionary ___Database management knowledge ___Statistician
___Interpreter of data ___Knowledge of customer base ___Non-profit knowledge ___Lawyer
___CPA ___Property management knowledge ___Property development skills ___Financial management knowledge
___Archival management knowledge ___Records management knowledge ___Ability to articulate faith ___Experience in variety of communication tools
___Experience in public relations setting ___Experience in print setting ___Experience in radio setting ___Experience in television setting
___Experience in network setting ___Experience in corporate communication setting ___Experience evaluating communication tools ___Real estate information
___Construction or Architecture ___Experience editing video

WHERE do I feel a passion to serve?

What things do I have a heart for?
What people do I want to help?
Where do I see a need for action?

___Infants/preschoolers ___Children (Grades K-5) ___Teenagers (Grades 6-12) ___Young adults (19-30)
___Adults ___Seniors ___Singles ___Widowed
___Divorced ___Single parents ___Never married ___Married couples
___Abused individuals ___At-risk individuals ___Bringing people together for fellowship ___Christian education
___Environment/ecology ___Global missions ___Government ___Grief
___Physical health issues ___Mental health issues ___History/archives ___Homelessness
___Homosexuality ___Hunger ___Inclusiveness/diversity ___Library resources
___Literacy ___Loneliness ___Low income families ___Peace and justice
___Physical and mental disabilities ___Prisons ___Spirituality/prayer ___Two-thirds world countries
___Welcoming newcomers ___Worship life
___Others (please describe)_______________________

HOW will my personality help me find the right place?

How do I approach my life and work?
What kind of person am I?

___Enjoy socializing ___Prefer to work alone ___Organized ___Enjoy working with large groups
___Enjoy research or analysis ___Like lists and schedules ___Enjoy working with small groups ___Spontaneous in activities
___Prefer structure and routines ___Flexible ___Like handling details ___Like to analyze things
___Bring harmony ___Plan & follow through with tasks ___Hospitality
___Others (please describe)_____________________

WHEN will I find the time?

What time do I have available?

___Daytime ___Evenings ___Weekdays ___Weekends
___Weekly ___Monthly ___Lunch hour ___As needed
___Spring ___Summer ___Fall ___Winter
___One-time projects ___Long-term projects ___Short-term projects ___Task groups/team
___At home projects
___Others (please describe)______________________

WHAT diversity do I bring?

Check all that apply…

___Lay ___Clergy ___Female ___Male
___Youth (under 18) ___Young adult (18-30) ___Adult (31-55) ___Older adult (56-70)
___Senior (70+) ___Urban/suburban ___Town & country ___From church under 100 members
___From church with 100-400 members ___From church with 401-1000 members ___From church with Over 1000 members
___Advocate for children ___Advocate for youth ___Person with disability
___African American ___Native American ___Hispanic ___Asian
___European American