Stewardship: Helpful Links

Manual for Stewardship Development Programs

Designed to strengthen your church’s stewardship development program by guiding you through a year-long process: from teaching your congregation the fundamentals of Christian stewardship to hosting successful, creative commitment events.

Bibliography of Resources for Stewardship Formation

A very extensive list of outstanding resources.

Helpful Sermons

Complete sermons to ideas and background hints.

Florida Council of Churches

Has a program specifically geared to global warming. Located in Orlando.


Dedicated to buying up and preserving environmentally sensitive lands. State chapter office in Altamonte Springs. National office:

Audubon Society, Florida

Lobbying and educational efforts to try to protect environment. Heavily involved in Everglades preservation issues. National

Episcopal Diocese of Minnesota

Outstanding web site that includes lectionaries, readings and calendars from the Diocese’s Environmental Stewardship Commission.

Episcopal Diocese of San Diego

The Diocese’s environmental stewardship council site, including a web library and links to environmental organizations.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Federal agency charged with protecting American wildlife and habitat

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

State agency charged with protecting Florida’s wildlife and habitats.

St. John’s River Water Management District

State agency that manages water issues in 19 north-central Florida counties.

Florida Wildlife Federation

Organization that lobbies and educates about state environmental issues.

Sierra Club

National organization that lobbies and educates about environment.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Federal agency charged with protecting environment. Deals with pollution issues.