20DecCounseling after disasters: Thoughts and updates

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Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, is on the minds and hearts of everyone as we try to "digest" the situation and determine what we might be able to help others. The loss and disaster are much different than our periodic natural disasters: tornadoes, hurricanes, and floods.

Even here in Central Florida, people are in need of counseling because of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, as well as similar man-made catastrophes closer to home.

Bishop Greg Brewer has suggested we, in the Diocese of Central Florida, offer to direct contributions that come in regarding the shootings to the counseling of people in the Dioceses of Central Florida who feel that need. These would be people who may have a family situation, or some other challenge, where counseling might help defuse a potentially dangerous environment. Also, the funds could be used to counsel the increasing number of "first responders" seeking counseling.

Often, people in need of mental-health assistance do not have the necessary funds for appropriate counseling. With Bishop Brewer's thoughts as a consideration any sums submitted to the Diocese of Central Florida will be directed by Bishop Brewer to counseling services, especially such services offered by the Episcopal Counseling Center of Central Florida, to help underwrite the counseling fees when the recipient has insufficient funds.

There has already been an uptick in requests for counseling in Central Florida but it is too early to know how much this uptick will be for counseling in the aftermath of Shady Hook. Consequently, the contributions will, also, supplement the ECC's Barnabas Fund -- which helps people most in need and least able to pay.

If you would like to participate, please send your contributions by a check as follows:
Payable to: The Diocese of Central Florida
Mark in the memo section: Counseling
Mail the check to the address shown below. A timely receipt will be sent to you for tax purposes.

Have a super day,

Chuck Dunlap, Relief Coordinator
Diocese of Central Florida
l0l7 East Robinson St.
Orlando, FL32801
Phone: 407-423-3567
Fax: 407-872-0006

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