01NovThanksgiving Offering to help our Companion Diocese of Honduras

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From Bishop Gregory O. Brewer

Nov. 1, 2012

Thanksgiving Offering to help our Companion Diocese of Honduras

For nearly 40 years, the Diocese of Central Florida and the Diocese of Honduras have been Companeros en Cristo – working together to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to share the challenges and joys of ministering in His word. One of the ways we have demonstrated this spirit of common purpose is the traditional Thanksgiving Offering for Honduras, generously supported by our Episcopal congregations in Central Florida.

One of the ways we in Central Florida can help is to give generously to projects that are designed to be self-sustaining.

Two of those projects are the designated recipients of this year’s Thanksgiving Offering.

Zarzal, in Central Honduras, is a village of 200 without electricity or running water, miles away from the nearest paved road. The Episcopal congregation there has made a start in building a house of worship, but funds are needed to complete the project.

The other church, Our Lady of the Homeless, is in a neighborhood built following the devastation of Hurricane Mitch, in 1998 that left 11,000 dead and another 11,000 homeless.  Today that church needs refurbishing.

As many have observed, the relationship blesses Central Florida as much as -- or more than -- it does Honduras. The ministry truly has been mutual: In building the partnership, our Honduran brothers and sisters have helped Central Floridians grow in faith as well as good works. We are inspired by our Central American companeros’ dedication to their witness through widespread poverty, natural disasters and political tumult.

The Rt. Rev. Lloyd Allen, Bishop of Honduras, has made it a priority to lead his diocese to financial self-sufficiency. Just 20 years ago, the Diocese of Honduras was 100-percent dependent on outside funding. Now, in the 12 years of Bishop Allen’s episcopacy, his diocese has become 49-percent self-sufficient, and has set its sights on becoming 100 percent financially self-sufficient by 2019.

The Diocese of Honduras is one of the fastest-growing dioceses in the Anglican Communion. Just 39 years ago, Episcopal Hondurans had four small sanctuaries, served by four priests. Under Bishop Allen, the Diocese of Honduras now has 80,000 communicants in 156 parishes, missions and preaching stations. 

Your Thanksgiving donations can help sustain that growth, while helping us share God’s bounty beyond our own dinner tables. Please give generously.

Thank you,

+ Greg

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