Syllabus for Homiletics

Institute for Christian Studies
Diaconal Studies - Year 1
Homiletics I & II
The Rev. Michael W. Goldberg, Instructor
St. Augustine of Canterbury Episcopal Church 475 43rd Avenue Vero Beach, Florida 32968 (772) 770-3494 e-mail AUGCANTAUR(
We are going to attempt the impossible. We will try to cover the salient
points underlying the theology of preaching in two sessions. Here's what
you need to do prior to our two meetings.
1. Read the following Voicing the Vision, Linda L. Clader, Morehouse Publishing, 2003.
2. Using the above book as grist, write a TWO PAGEreflection paper, outlining your "theology" of preaching. What do you expect God to do with, and in your preaching? What is your purpose, from a theological standpoint, for climbing into the pulpit? Please bring this paper to our first class.
3. At our SECOND SESSION bring to a class a sermon based on the proper for the Third Sunday in Easter, Year "A." The readings are: Acts 2: 14a, 36-41; Psalm 116:1-3,,10-17; I Peter 1:17-23; Luke 24:13-35. A word of information: when do NOT preach solely from the Gospel reading. The other readings are there for your use as well. In the words of the Easter Gospel: "Do not be afraid!” allow the other readings to fill your mind and spirit.
4. The sermon should be based on ONE of the above texts. Try and let us know what it would have meant to the people who heard it in the first century, what it means to us today, and who we might apply it to our lives.
Preaching for Deacons
January 7 & 21, 2012
Part One
1. View-"Provocative Preaching"
A. What did you see and hear?
B. How does this compare to your knowledge and understanding of preaching?
C. How would you classify each type of preaching seen and heard?
II. What is YOUR "theology" of preaching?
A. Explain
B. What do you expect God to do with, and in your preaching?
C. How do you explain your purpose for climbing into the pulpit?
D. Let's examine your papers
Part Two
I. What is Homiletics?
A. Nature of exploring and discussing the "Word"
B. Where does the sermon or homily com from?
C. The use of humor
D. The Daily Office
E. The Lectionary
F. Pastoral Care
1. hospitals
2. nursing homes
3. regular visitation of parishioners
II. Let's Preach
III. Critique of the Homily
IV. Reflections