Our Mission and Statement of Faith


Pictured above:  9 of the 11 Candidates for Ordination on September 12, 2015.

From Left to right:  First row:   Carolyn Quinnell, Patti Behenstedt, Peg Davis, and Julie Altenbach.

From Left to right: Second row: Doug Jump, Ray Perica, Bob Quinnell, Chester Trow and Nancy Oliver

Missing from the picture:  Nancy Bryson and Bob Dinnerville


Summer is in full swing and ICS is busy preparing for the coming year!   ICS wants to be a resource for the Diocese to access teachings to enhance any ministry!  For groups or individuals, all are welcome.  As things progress you will be given a link to access the web library!  Please Note:  The online courses are being uploaded now.  As soon as they are available, a protocol for viewing them will be posted. 


The 2015-2016 Catalog of course offerings is now posted.  There may be a few small changes, but nothing significant.  

As you are reading the website for courses etc., please be aware that the courses listed in RED will be "live" classes taught by an instructor.  This year classes will be held at the Diocesan office.  Classes listed in BLACK are on line courses and can be taken remotely.  



Blessings to All,

Archdeacon Kristi Alday













The Institute for Christian Studies Commission

The Ven. Kristen N. Alday, Dean
Ms. Winsome Latty, Institute Administrator
The Rev. David Newhart, Commission Chairman
The Rev. Nancy Kline, Deacon, Secretary

The Right Reverend Gregory O. Brewer,  Ex Officio Member


The Rev. Edward Bartle

The Rev. Rick Burhans

Mrs. Tracy Cheek

The Rev. Michael Matheny, Deacon

The Rev. Danielle D. Morris

The Rev. John Motis

The Rev. Dr. Edward Weiss