Diocesan Altar Guild

The Altar Guild (AG) is responsible for ensuring that church elements are prepared for each service.  We are the “Guardians of the Sacred Spaces and Sacred Elements.”  We have the privilege of handling holy things as we clean and maintain the elements and sacred space.  The AG ministry is tailored for each church and each service.  The size of a church’s AG is determined by the number of services each week and the needs of the priest.  Church Altar Guilds often include a Flower Guild, a Linen Guild, and/or a Wedding Guild.

Directress: Judy Henderson

Assistant Directress: Kathy Shearer

Chaplain: The Rev. Meghan Farr
Secretary: Alex Rockefeller
Treasurer: Cyndy Berry
Central Deanery: Kathy Shearer, Eve Hyatt, and Beth Hyatt
Northeast Deanery: Judy Valk and Dory Dunn
Southeast Deanery: Alex Rockefeller and Jeanne Weaver
Southwest Deanery: Betsy Watson, Betty Seckinger, Nancy Brantly, Cyndy Berry, and Sharon Smith
Northwest Deanery: Suzie Lore, Sue Geiger, and Dianne Casson

Churches are welcome to contact their Deanery representative or another Board member for individual assistance and churches are always welcome to submit articles for the newsletter to let others know about something that is working well in their church.

Recruitment of AG members is always a challenge, but many people understand that it’s a rewarding ministry with great personal satisfaction.

For additional information about the Diocesan Altar Guild, feel free to contact Judy Henderson at jem2415@earthlink.net