Continuing Education Fund for Full-Time Clergy

Revised 11/2017

This fund exists to encourage the clergy of this Diocese in their continuing education.  The fund is designed to assist in the conviction that education is a lifelong process, especially for those who are called to leadership in our churches.  The fund is administered through the Bishop’s office with direct involvement of the Bishop or his Canon to the Ordinary.

The fund calls for an annual contribution from three sources:

  • The clergy person
  • The parish
  • The Diocese

Designed to provide up to $500.00 per year for the sole purpose of continuing education, individual clergy contribute $100.00, their parishes contribute $200.00 and the Diocese contributes $200.00. If additional funds are contributed in any given calendar year, they are held for that individual’s use, but are not matched by the Diocese.

The strong preference for the disbursement of the funds is to a specific vendor providing services. This would include tuition, room and board, transportation costs, etc. Except in highly unusual circumstances, checks are not made payable to the individual clergy person, thus avoiding the appearance that these funds represent personal income and providing a clear accounting for all concerned.

Questions about individual fund balances may be directed to the Administrator of the Diocese, while specific continuing education proposals should be proposals should be directed to either the Bishop or the Canon to the Ordinary.