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What Is ‘Happening’? A Great Way for Teenagers to Experience ChristMarch 14, 2017 • Rev. Becky Toalster  • CHILDREN & YOUTH • DIOCESAN FAMILY

Happening is a Christian weekend experience presented by teenagers for teenagers with the help of clergy and lay adult leadership. It is designed for youth in grades 10-12 and sponsored by The Episcopal Church.

These weekends are meant to bring students to a fuller personal knowledge of and relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and to a deeper level of commitment and apostleship. Most young people have serious questions about Jesus and the church. Happening is a time for them to make new friends who share similar concerns and questions. A teenager who serves as “rector” leads the weekend with the help of a staff consisting mostly of young people.

During a Happening weekend, participants experience the love of Christ through prayer, worship, play, and study. Discussion and exploration are encouraged through teen-given talks, among other activities. The weekend moves the Happeners toward making their renewed faith a part of their everyday lives. Happening shows how Christianity can keep pace with the many changes in our lives and our world.

When asked about the weekend, one participant said: “Others should attend Happening because I think it’s a great time learning more about God and having fellowship with others your age. If people think it’s just New Beginnings for an older crowd, it’s very different.”

The Diocese of Central Florida has a fall and spring Happening each year. We are so excited about the Happening 103 weekend, scheduled for April 28-30. If you are in 10th-12th grade and are interested, please contact the Rev. Becky Toalster at, or go to the Diocese of Central Florida youth web page at

Space is limited, so reserve your spot today.

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