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St. Richard’s Works Property After IrmaSeptember 14, 2017 • CFE Staff  • DIOCESAN FAMILY • REACHING OUT

St. Richard’s Episcopal Church in Winter Park sustained some damage from Hurricane Irma, but Rev. Alison Harrity said parishioners and others have made great strides in the post-storm clean-up effort.

On Tuesday, Sept. 12, some folks gathered for morning prayer, many checked on the status of other’s well-being and property, and others gathered at the church with gloves and rakes to clean up tree debris, Harrity said.

The church’s Bible study on Sept. 12 was canceled because the church had no power. Other items of concern and note, according to Harrity:

  • The large tree by the big shed at the back of the property is lying on a power line.
  • Some minor roof damage. Three shingles have been found about the property and are missing from high on the roof. Some flashing on the flat part of the sanctuary roof are bent. Carol Bradford, the church’s roof contractor, was scheduled to come out and assess the damage.
  • There is no water in the sanctuary building. Everything is clean and dry.
  • Driveways are clear. A neighbor on Lake Howell Road came out and helped Scott Schuermann cut up the large tree blocking the paved parking lot and the pine tree across the front driveway.
  • Memorial Garden: Janice Elsheimer showed up bright and early to clean up the Memorial Garden. Church officials will clean the fountain and attempt to replace some of the mulch that was washed out by the wall behind the altar. Despite the storm, the Garden is in good shape.
  • Piles and piles of branches and other debris around campus were collected. The church offers a special thanks to: Jim, Sheila, Marcia, Pam, Kelley, Stuart, Rachel, Tyler, Donna, Tiffany, Spencer, and Libby for assisting in starting to get St. Richard’s back in order, inside and out.
  • Sue Sommers, Junior Warden, and Scott Schuermann, sexton, led the charge on ensuring that the property is safe, orderly, and nice. Tom Irish sat outside the office door all day to engage drop-in visitors.

“Thank you, everyone,” Harrity said.

The St. Richard’s rector also said there are several parishioners who have power and can offer assistance to others. Contact Harrity if you need a contact with power.

Additionally, Larry and Sue Youngstead are seeking a recommendation for a tree service. They have two large trees down and would like to contact someone.

Call Harrity at 407-341-5969 for more information, offer assistance, or to make suggestions.


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