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A Letter From the Director: Camp Wingmann has Undergone Some Great ChangesMarch 16, 2017 • Father Deke Miller  • CHILDREN & YOUTH • DIOCESAN FAMILY

Dear Friends of Camp Wingmann,

There has been a lot of work done at our camp over the years. In fact, the pace of the work has not slowed down since my arrival. Over the last two and a half years, we have completed our cabin renovations with Trail’s End Cabin. We have also completed several smaller projects, including the additions of a handicap ramp to Anhinga, a new deck on our floating dock, a new lifeguard stand, a new walkway for Shady Oaks, an entrance sign, and many other small projects. We could not have done any of these things without the help of our volunteers and church groups. We even had a group affiliated with a Rotary club volunteer some time to help.

Thank you to all who have given of your time, treasure, and talent to this great camp.

The future looks promising and, yes, more projects are in the works. The big undertaking on the docket is the renovation of Yates Hall. We are working on a plan to raise the necessary funds to begin this endeavor. If you wish to help now, please visit and click on the donate/pay tab. The dropdown box will allow you to select Camp Wingmann-Yates Hall for your donation. Stay tuned for more information!
I am also thrilled to report that Happening is back in the Diocese of Central Florida. This is an intense weekend for high school students, focused on the Christian faith. We now have two of these weekends under our belts, and both have been simply awesome. It is amazing to see the work God does in these events. Our next Happening is coming up in April, and if you are in grades 10-12, you won’t want to miss it. Please visit our website at for more information.

Thank you to the Rev. Becky Toalster, the Rev. Phyllis Bartle, and all those who have worked so hard to bring this ministry back to life in this diocese.

Another great event taking place again in March is the New Beginnings weekend. We are honored to host this diocesan middle school weekend twice a year. This powerful time of renewal offers a wonderful opportunity for middle school youth to come and learn about Christ and how He works in our relationships. It’s also a lot of fun! New Beginnings is a weekend to which you’ll want to return over and over, so sign up at and join the adventure.

As the director of Camp Wingmann, I praise our Lord Jesus for the opportunity to serve you all. We can do all the things we do because of the generous support of individuals and churches. If you are not a regular monthly donor to the camp, would you prayerfully consider becoming one? Would your church prayerfully consider putting us in their outreach budget? Your donations go a long way in helping us to meet our expenses and keep our tuition for camps low. There are two ways to give: visit where you can choose to donate to Yates Hall or Camp Scholarships or go to and click the donate button.

Again, thank you for all your love and support, and we will see you at camp!


The Rev. Deke Miller
Director, Camp Wingmann

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