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Bishop Gregory Brewer has issued the following Pastoral Letter on Same-Sex Marriage and the Diocese of Central Florida. The expectation is that rectors, vicars and priests in charge will share it with their congregations. Diocesan lay members also are invited to share the letter among themselves and the public.Download the letter in PDF form:


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  • / 7 aug

    Customary for Bishop's Visitation

    What to do when the Bishop visits your congregation.

  • / 8 may

    Baptism controversy nears resolution

    The Cathedral Church of St. Luke, one of the 87 congregations in the Episcopal Diocese of Central Florida, faced criticism this week over the postponement of the baptism of the adopted child of two married gay parents.  Learning of the incident on Sunday, Bishop Gregory Brewer immediately reached out to the parents, and scheduled a meeting with them for Thursday, May 7.

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The 47th Annual Diocesan Convention



The Forty- Seventh Annual Convention of the Diocese of Central Florida will meet Friday, January 22 and Saturday, January 23, 2016, at Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy, 5625 Holy Trinity Drive, Melbourne, Florida 32940 



We are Christians committed to loving God and our neighbor, and we work to spread the teachings of Jesus Christ in our community and the world. We are part of the U.S. Episcopal Church.


* Pray and ask God for His leadership and His missionary strategy.

* Strengthen our relationships with one another, becoming even more deeply a diocesan family.

* Raise up new clergy and lay leaders, wisely using our God-given resources, including time and money.

* Address the missionary challenge that is before us in our neighborhoods.

* Take our place within the councils of the Episcopal Church.

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